What is Bizpire?

Bizpire is a membership platform created to provide entrepreneurs and business professionals with resources, education, and community so they can avoid common mistakes and grow successful brands quickly. Our goal is to help our members do three things: 

• Connect - Connect with each other as potential clients, friends, partners, investors, vendors, suppliers, mentors, mentees, advisers, employers, employees, etc.

• Learn - Learn valuable information and strategies that can make them more successful.

• Grow - with access to funding, support, and business opportunities.

How Do I Upgrade to Bizpire Premium?

From a computer or mobile phone, you can upgrade to Bizpire Premium by signing in on any web browser and clicking "UPGRADE" in the main menu. From inside the mobile app, you can also click on any content marked as Bizpire Premium and a pop-up window will give you the option of upgrading to continue viewing the content. 

Please note, discounts and promo codes will not work when upgrading from inside the mobile app. In order to use a discount or promo code, you must upgrade via a web browser (Chrome or Safari).

Do I Need to Own a Business to Join Bizpire? 

No. Bizpire is a platform for anyone looking to accelerate and grow personally or professionally. Not everyone desires to be a CEO or entrepreneur and successful companies still need great team members and executives. Regardless of whether you want to run a business of your own, learn to make passive income, land an awesome career, or just discover some dope new companies and resources, our platform is designed to help you do just that. Join us.

How Can I Be Featured on Bizpire?

We regularly highlight and feature members with inspirational stories and businesses that we think are beneficial to the entire Bizpire community. Our team usually contacts these featured members either via email or directly through the platform. We do not accept inbound feature submissions at this time. However, if you would like to advertise to increase exposure for your business or partner with Bizpire, you can reach out to us here

How Do I Get Verified on Bizpire?

Verified accounts on Bizpire are for notable public figures and brands. Our steps for verification are not made public. If you are a searchable, notable public figure, and would like to apply for your account to be verified, reach out to us here

Please note, you must have an active premium account at the time of applying for a verified account and it must be maintained throughout the entire application process until approved. Approval can take up to 30-60 days depending on what is requested for verification.  

How Do I Access The BAW$E Conference on Bizpire?

Access to The BAW$E Conference is included with an active Bizpire Premium account. To find inside the mobile app, tap the menu in the bottom right and click HOME > Exclusive Content > Video Library > The BAW$E Conference. 

From a desktop, click the HOME menu item on the left and then click Exclusive Content > Video Library > The BAW$E Conference.